Paperwork Needed

Pl submit as it's applicable, or Contact our office if you require assistance.

For Home Mortgage Applicant:

(*For Home Mortgage Prequalification Approval Letter)
h1. *US driving license or Govt photo ID
h2. *Last 1mo recent pay stubs (full 30 days)
h3. *Last 2yrs W2/1099/K1 (to match personal income on 1040)
h4. *Last 2yrs 1040, personal tax return with all schedules
h5. *Last 2mo personal bank statement with all pages (for proof of down payment, closing cost, reserve)
h6. *For Self-Employed borrowers: Last 2yrs 1120/S or 1065, business tax returns with all schedules
h7. *For non-US citizens: US green card, EAD, US VISA proof (I-94, I-797, I-140)
h8.  For Purchase Only: A fully signed contract by all parties and proof of deposit check if given
h9.  For Refinance Only: Proof of the latest statement - Mortgage, Insurance, Taxes, Condo fee proof

For VA Applicant:

v1. Certificate of Eligibility
v2. Form 28-1880 (Request for COE)
v3. Form DD-214 - Military record search
v4. Form 26-8937 (Disability benefits form)
v5. For VA Refinance - Current Mortgage “NOTE”

For Commercial Loan and Business Finance Applicant:

b1. Govt Photo ID
b2. Personal Financial Statement
b2. Last 3 years 1040, personal tax return & 1120/S/1065, business tax return
b4. Project Offering Memorandum or Brief Project Summary
b5. Applicant short resume

X. Full Contact information as applicable: Realtor, Attorney, Condo association name